With a view to providing our students with the best teaching in a second language – English, we have been carrying out a school-based curriculum with different programmes. Our rationale is that reading can absolutely help students to write confidently with an increased vocabulary, good sentence linkage and creative ideas. After adapting our textbook according to the needs of our students, we have also enriched our curriculum with different reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks through various activities like story-telling, process writing, role-play, songs sharing, vocabulary games and other tasks with the use of e-learning tools.

In recent years, IT resources and some trendy learning approaches have been increasingly important factors in English learning. Therefore, we have infused various school-based programmes as well as purposeful learning websites into our curriculum so as to strengthen students’ learning efficiency, learning motivation and self-learning abilities. We will try our utmost to assist our students in their English learning. We are PARTNERS.


  1. Textbook Adaptation
  2. Home Reader Scheme
  3. Reading Programme
  4. E-learning Writing Programme
  5. Phonics Programme
  6. Reader Programme
  7. Speaking Programme


  1. English Fun Time (Lunch-recess activity)
  2. English Ambassadors
  3. The Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
  4. English Fun Day
  5. English Speaking Days
  6. Creative Writing Competition
  7. Story Telling (Lunch-recess activity)
  8. English Cambridge Courses (in collaboration with selected English learning institutes)
  9. English Online Learning Programme (in collaboration with selected English learning institutes)
  10. Riddle Time
  11. Peer Reading
  12. P.6 Mock Interview Course
  13. Reading Scheme

Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS) School-based Implementation Plan